this is me......     

I am a landscape artist and plein air painter whose practice is based in Kinsham, Worcestershire where I live.  I can seemingly turn my hand to most mediums but I prefer to paint in oils.  

I have a saying - "They told me I am not smart and They told me I am not clever, I wonder what that means for my art?"      I am constantly exploring this theme through my paintings and the continual development of my practice. 

I have loved and been involved in art since I was a child.  I was born near Padstow in Cornwall and spent much of my childhood outdoors and exploring the many Cornish beaches.  This is where my obsession with the land, sea and sky comes from.  I relish the complete freedom of being in the outdoor environment and experiencing the invisible pull of the landscapes that surround me and expressing this feeling in my work.   


I love to paint outside plein air however my work does explore several strands and subjects.  

Each art work is a new creation from my mind and heart.  I continue to push the limits in an effort to keep my work interesting and fresh. 


I hope you enjoy looking at my work and following my progress.